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Head Towards the Light

Live off the killing floor … I thought I’d write a breakup song while I wasn’t actually going through a breakup. As any songwriter will know, it’s always a risk writing about things that aren’t actually happening, because you might bring them into being. Needless to say I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.

© 2014 Jonny Miller

Head Towards the Light

Break out break up, our work here is done.
Move out move on, no one did anything wrong.

It’s not about what we did, it’s what’s inside and what we hid

Another chapter, another life.
Walk through the door …
and head towards the light.

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Back to my roots on this one … I grew up in California and have fond memories of the amazing amount of food they grow there … but as I grew older I learned about the great migration of poor people who came to work the fields in hopes of a better life, and the economic slavery and environmental destruction that followed. Anyway, this is from the point of view of a poor fellow who comes down out of the Sierra Nevada in search of all that the central valley and San Francisco promise.

© 2014 Jonny Miller


I’m going down to Roseville, just for the night.
I’ll be pushing west, come the morning light.
‘Cause there’s peaches out in Davis, and grapes in Sebastopol …
and they say the fog in San Francisco is nice and cool.

There’s not much going on, in Auburn Trails.
The river dried rig...


The Fire (it burns)

I’ve been suffering from a bout of writer’s block, but I don’t really write them anyway, they just happen … and as it happens, this one chose me. Generally speaking I guess it’s a “why bother, life happens anyway, may as well just try and enjoy the ride” kind of sentiment.

© 2014 Jonny Miller

The Fire (it burns)

You live and you give and you take and you break,
and you learn …
at the end of the day you throw it away, in the fire …
the fire it burns.

You preach and you pray and you shout and you beg,
and you turn …
your face to the light at the end of the night, and the fire …
the fire it burns.

The fire the fire it burns, the fire the fire it burns.
The fire the fire it burns, the fire the fire it burns.

You laugh and you love and you can’t get enough,
and it hurts …
when no one...



I’ve been sick … crazy sick … so I wrote a song about life and death, in my usual magic realist style. Sad and beautiful, just like me ha ha.

© 2014 Jonny Miller

Artwork by bythemark

Time – J. Miller

Time is an outlaw, time is a saint.
And everything it gives to you it also takes away.
Babies at the breast, butterflies in spring.
Coffins lowered in the ground on skeletons of wings.

Time is a saviour, time is a thief.
And every heart that fills with love will explode with grief.
Diamonds in her eyes, fire in her soul.
All that’s left is ashes now, dirty grey and cold.

Time is a promise, time is a lie.
I couldn’t let it be alone, so I let it slide.
Once dazed by beauty and overcome with lust,
I return to the void of the cosmic dust.

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Golden LIght - photo credit Martyn Starkey


It’s that time of year again … leave the shopgasm behind and give something that really matters: your heart.

© 2013 Jonny Miller

Artwork by Martyn Starkey

Gift – J. Miller

All good things must come to an end,
and so will you my friend.
Sure as you shine, you’re bound to fade.
All you protect will be washed away.

So don’t waste a precious drop,
of the golden light from the loving cup.
Give your heart, to those who need.
I’ll give to you, you give to me.

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Artwork by Japanese surrealist painter Naoto Hattori

Reveal Yourself

Change is constant, and everyone is looking for their reflection in someone else.

© 2013 Jonny Miller

Artwork by Japanese surrealist painter Naoto Hattori

Reveal Yourself – J. Miller

When life brings about a change,
the circles that I trace get beautiful and strange.
And time falls apart,
shadows come together in the corners of my heart.

And you haunt my dreams.
Step into the light, reveal yourself …
Reveal yourself to me.

I’ll give away my stuff, might even shave my head.
Whatever it takes to kick my ass, out of living like I’m dead.
‘Cause I can only do the same thing, for so long.
Solid ground begins to shift, in the morning I’ll be gone.

And you haunt my dreams.
Step into the light, reveal yourself …
Reveal yourself to me.

- bridge -

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.51.14 AM


A surrealist take on life, and letting go.

I could hear Los Lobos playing this one, maybe with Emmylou …

© 2013 Jonny Miller

Mexico – J. Miller

Down in old Mexico, there’s a little church,
and flowers grow, where they park the hearse.
Children sing, when it rains.
All souls are called,
but the flesh remains.

Down the road a spell, there’s a lonely tree,
by a dried up well, full of memories.
Children laugh, when the cold wind blows.
All stories are erased,
leaving only bones.

Down along the bay, there’s a ship that waits,
and the captain says, “you’ll never be late”.
Children shout, at the ebbing tide.
All baggage is cast,
leaving only light.

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Old Dog

Here’s a song for Leanne’s sister’s family, and their sweet old dog who recently died :(

I hear Willie Nelson playing this song …

© 2013 Jonny Miller

Old Dog – J. Miller

Old dog, why are you hanging around?
Everybody’s talking ’bout putting you down.
Maybe you and I should run away,
to a place where old dogs play.

Old dogs, new tricks.
Chasing memories of chasing sticks.
Who’s gonna bring back, what I throw?
Old dog, please don’t go.

Old dog, let’s go for a walk.
Just down and back again to the end of the block.
Today will be like any other day …
I will follow, while you lead the way.



So old dog, sit down by my side.
In the amber glow, of the morning light.
Everyday is a precious gift,
and I believe in live and let live.