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Jonny Miller and Clark Becker

Jonny Miller and Clark Becker

Jonny Miller

Jonny Miller

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You might say Jonny Miller is an outlaw …

Then again, depending on who is reading this, he may very well be the most innocent man ever to walk the streets of … Well, let’s not make this about geography just in case …

Seriously, though, all that really matters is that Jonny Miller writes poignant, well-crafted songs of rebellion and redemption and all the moments of heart-wrenching turmoil and celebratory triumph in between.

Just a few of these moments that come to mind for Miller …

At one point in his early twenties, Miller found himself being pulled over by police in Idaho while “driving a school bus full of naked freaks.”

… After 10 years of marriage to the mother of his son, Jonny knew the marriage was over when she refused to catch a frisbee he had thrown to her.

“I threw her the frisbee and she just walked away,” Miller explains with a chuckle, “It was symbolic.”

… And a more somber moment presented itself when his fiancée left him on the day his grandfather died, which led to Miller writing “Lullaby” …

“My love died the other day, she didn’t leave a will.
Just an old guitar, and a broken heart, and the emptiness I couldn’t fill …

The wind is moaning at the door, the rain is falling down.
It’s 3am and here I am, wishing morning would come around…


I’m afraid of the dark, now that you’re gone,
who’s gonna sing me a comforting song?”

If Jonny Miller is, in fact, an outlaw, then he is a fascinating and intriguing Canadian roots music rebel. And if he is not an outlaw, then he is just a fine Canadian songwriter. Any way you spin it, Miller’s songs will draw you in and allow you to live where he lives, even if it is for just four minutes at a time.

  • Sounds like: Emotional Hipster Frock (Folk/Rock) or Neil Young fronting Blue Rodeo, with the Fleet Foxes on backup vocals.
  • Influenced by genres: country, blues, folk, psychedelic, rock, early metal, reggae.
  • Influenced by artists: Jimi Hendrix, Willie Nelson, Graham Parsons, Dolly Parton.

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