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A surrealist take on life, and letting go.

I could hear Los Lobos playing this one, maybe with Emmylou …

© 2013 Jonny Miller

Mexico – J. Miller

Down in old Mexico, there’s a little church,
and flowers grow, where they park the hearse.
Children sing, when it rains.
All souls are called,
but the flesh remains.

Down the road a spell, there’s a lonely tree,
by a dried up well, full of memories.
Children laugh, when the cold wind blows.
All stories are erased,
leaving only bones.

Down along the bay, there’s a ship that waits,
and the captain says, “you’ll never be late”.
Children shout, at the ebbing tide.
All baggage is cast,
leaving only light.

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Old Dog

Here’s a song for Leanne’s sister’s family, and their sweet old dog who recently died :(

I hear Willie Nelson playing this song …

© 2013 Jonny Miller

Old Dog – J. Miller

Old dog, why are you hanging around?
Everybody’s talking ’bout putting you down.
Maybe you and I should run away,
to a place where old dogs play.

Old dogs, new tricks.
Chasing memories of chasing sticks.
Who’s gonna bring back, what I throw?
Old dog, please don’t go.

Old dog, let’s go for a walk.
Just down and back again to the end of the block.
Today will be like any other day …
I will follow, while you lead the way.



So old dog, sit down by my side.
In the amber glow, of the morning light.
Everyday is a precious gift,
and I believe in live and let live.



Creating space

I had an interesting if not entirely enlightening experience today while practicing my set. I have a little practice/teaching studio that is located about 10 feet away from a fellow who likes to work on his cars on the weekend, or whenever the weather is nice. And he’s got a lot of power tools! Today he was really swinging some kind of big hammer … bwaaang bwaaang bwaaang!!! … and grinding the hell out of something big and metal.

But I thought to myself hey how much different is this really than the espresso machine going off at the coffee shop while I’m playing? So I picked up my axe and headed out to do the work at hand...

JIllian Reece w/James Kasper

Opening for Jillian Reece

Well right on, the amazingly talented, and always hard working James Kasper has landed me an opening slot with/for VIMA Vocalist of the Year Nominee Jillian Reece, at Gorge-ous Coffee (in Victoria) on Sept. 5th.

I’m pretty excited to be on the same bill as Jillian as she’s a great writer and amazing singer. Check out this video of her in coffee shop action:

I’ve been working on my set the last few days and I think it’s going to be a pretty good show all around :)

Here’s what I’ve got on the list so far …

  • One of these days
  • Pretty girl (this one is challenging to sing so I might move it deeper into the set)
  • After the fall
  • More than you know
  • I’ll win
  • Holy roller
  • Lullaby
  • Heart is a fire
  • Freedom & Security
  • Home
  • Smokey Mountain Memories – Dolly Parton ...