I’ve been sick … crazy sick … so I wrote a song about life and death, in my usual magic realist style. Sad and beautiful, just like me ha ha.

© 2014 Jonny Miller

Artwork by bythemark

Time – J. Miller

Time is an outlaw, time is a saint.
And everything it gives to you it also takes away.
Babies at the breast, butterflies in spring.
Coffins lowered in the ground on skeletons of wings.

Time is a saviour, time is a thief.
And every heart that fills with love will explode with grief.
Diamonds in her eyes, fire in her soul.
All that’s left is ashes now, dirty grey and cold.

Time is a promise, time is a lie.
I couldn’t let it be alone, so I let it slide.
Once dazed by beauty and overcome with lust,
I return to the void of the cosmic dust.

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