Free Single

Ok, without further ado, here is the lead off single from my upcoming EP! Huge thank you to Jason Kechely for producing, and Chon at Profile. Without these guys none of this would have happened. I am eternally grateful. The full EP is due to drop at some point this winter …


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A surrealist take on life, and letting go.

I could hear Los Lobos playing this one, maybe with Emmylou …

© 2013 Jonny Miller

Mexico – J. Miller

Down in old Mexico, there’s a little church,
and flowers grow, where they park the hearse.
Children sing, when it rains.
All souls are called,
but the flesh remains.

Down the road a spell, there’s a lonely tree,
by a dried up well, full of memories.
Children laugh, when the cold wind blows.
All stories are erased,
leaving only bones.

Down along the bay, there’s a ship that waits,
and the captain says, “you’ll never be late”.
Children shout, at the ebbing tide.
All baggage is cast,
leaving only light.

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Old Dog

Here’s a song for Leanne’s sister’s family, and their sweet old dog who recently died :(

I hear Willie Nelson playing this song …

© 2013 Jonny Miller

Old Dog – J. Miller

Old dog, why are you hanging around?
Everybody’s talking ’bout putting you down.
Maybe you and I should run away,
to a place where old dogs play.

Old dogs, new tricks.
Chasing memories of chasing sticks.
Who’s gonna bring back, what I throw?
Old dog, please don’t go.

Old dog, let’s go for a walk.
Just down and back again to the end of the block.
Today will be like any other day …
I will follow, while you lead the way.



So old dog, sit down by my side.
In the amber glow, of the morning light.
Everyday is a precious gift,
and I believe in live and let live.



Creating space

I had an interesting if not entirely enlightening experience today while practicing my set. I have a little practice/teaching studio that is located about 10 feet away from a fellow who likes to work on his cars on the weekend, or whenever the weather is nice. And he’s got a lot of power tools! Today he was really swinging some kind of big hammer … bwaaang bwaaang bwaaang!!! … and grinding the hell out of something big and metal.

But I thought to myself hey how much different is this really than the espresso machine going off at the coffee shop while I’m playing? So I picked up my axe and headed out to do the work at hand...

JIllian Reece w/James Kasper

Opening for Jillian Reece

Well right on, the amazingly talented, and always hard working James Kasper has landed me an opening slot with/for VIMA Vocalist of the Year Nominee Jillian Reece, at Gorge-ous Coffee (in Victoria) on Sept. 5th.

I’m pretty excited to be on the same bill as Jillian as she’s a great writer and amazing singer. Check out this video of her in coffee shop action:¬†

I’ve been working on my set the last few days and I think it’s going to be a pretty good show all around :)

Here’s what I’ve got on the list so far …

  • One of these days
  • Pretty girl (this one is challenging to sing so I might move it deeper into the set)
  • After the fall
  • More than you know
  • I’ll win
  • Holy roller
  • Lullaby
  • Heart is a fire
  • Freedom & Security
  • Home
  • Smokey Mountain Memories – Dolly Parton ...
Profile Studios

People, get ready!

After much love, sweat, and tears, songs from the soon to be released EP are starting to crown. I’ll be over in Vancouver off and on over the next few months, and should have a master for the first single “Lullaby” in the next month or so. Needless to say, it’s sounding awesome!

Many many thanks to Jason Kechely for producing, writing, collaborating, arranging and all the other details, big and small, that make it sound so good.

Also thanks to Chon and Profile Studios for being super cool and working with my piddly starving artist budget. Gratitude!

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